Timeshare Rentals…inexpensive vacations are finally here!

Who needs a vacation? I do, I do!

With a family of five, a vacation does not happen often because they are usually too expensive and for us it is important to have enough space to spread out. I find and I am sure you can agree when the kids are on top of each other, the trouble brews a bit more quickly.

In the past we have taken to renting houses because it is usually a little more affordable. We can make meals at home. We don’t always have to be on our best behavior at restaurants and we can truly relax. But I found a great new idea: timeshare rentals.

Now, before being offered this opportunity I did not know that you could rent a timeshare. Now I am pleased to say that these timeshare rentals are the way to go! You can pick awesome places to go, with many more amenities, tons more room than a hotel room and usually at a 50% or more discount. What are we waiting for?

RedWeek is a website that people can use to find affordable timeshare rentals all over the world. As I said earlier I am somewhat familiar with renting houses for our vacations, so I started my search at one of my favorite summer destinations: Cape Cod, Massachusetts. There were numerous timeshare rentals to view, broken down into the different locations on the Cape. I started in Mashpee and The Sea Mist Resort. They had rates available the were much less than what we have paid in the past for renting a house on the Cape with many more amenities.

Overall, the website is very easy to use. The site is free to browse as a registered guest but if you want to contact an owner about timeshare rentals you need to have a membership. A one-year membership is $14.99. Pretty reasonable when you think about all the money you will save on your vacation. There are also many different resources available from frequently asked questions to blogs about timeshare rentals.

As an added bonus to my readers, RedWeek has offered a Two-Year FREE membership for one lucky reader!

Entering is easy. Simply LIKE RedWeek on Facebook and register as a free guest on their website, RedWeek.com. Comment below with your unique User ID and where you would like to rent your timeshares. Contest will be closed February 5, 2014 and a winner will be chosen.

It really is as easy as that.

Did you know there are timeshare rentals available at Disney or Atlantis?? Holy cow! This is the way to go. You need to check this out
If you are interested in saving money on your next family vacation, check out RedWeek.com, and see for yourself what is available and how affordable it is.

Disclaimer: I received a one year subscription to review this product. All opinions are my own.

6 thoughts on “Timeshare Rentals…inexpensive vacations are finally here!

  1. Wow! I did not know that you could *rent* a timeshare. I always thought you had to buy into one. I have gone on a couple of tours and found them to be very inviting, but could not actually invest. I like that I can still stay at one without the commitment. Thanks for the enlightenment.

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