Twelve days of Christmas …. Day 6

Ornaments…. What is your Christmas tree ornament tradition? What do you do for your children? If you are like me your tree can not handle any more ornaments. I love them and could probably be slightly obsessed. I blame my mother.

When we were little every year on Christmas Eve we were given one present- an ornament. Each year they personified what we did for that year. Sometimes it was sports, a milestone met, anything that was personal to us.

When I got married my mom packed up all of my ornaments in a pretty box and gave it to me my first Christmas as a newly married woman to start my own Christmas ornament tradition. I plan to do the same with my children.

I have come to like the Hallmark Keepsake ornaments for my children each year. I can usually find something that would be meaningful to them for the year. I like that they come packaged in boxes and we carefully unwrap and wrap them back up each year. What a great box of memories for us to have as they grow up and for them to take when they move out and start a family of their own.

Here are some of my favorite ornaments we have collected over the years…


Hallmark keepsake ornament my first kitchenette


Hallmark keepsake ornament Phineas and Ferb, Pery the Platypus


Hallmark Keepsake ornament Holiday Barbie 2012


Hallmark Keepsake ornament Lego Star Wars

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