Twelve days of Christmas … Day 5

tree2 The thrill of the hunt….

How many of you have the opportunity to cut down your own Christmas tree? One of the benefits of living in the middle of the woods is that on the property there are a ton of trees we can use each Christmas! We love walking through the woods, searching for the perfect tree… Or maybe as perfect as we can find!

This year was no exception. On a snowy, cold morning we all went out in the backyard to search for the tree. We couldn’t decide on one, none seemed to work for the small space that we had picked out I the house. But then, there it was! Our perfect tree. Well, I think maybe it could be if we took just the top of the tree in!

My husband used his saw and cut off the top portion of this mammoth tree. The kids dragged the tree back down to the house. Shaking it as they went, to make sure there were no animals in it. We brought the tree up the back steps and into the house.tree

We use a galvanized pail as our tree stand and we fill it with rocks to hold the trunk in place. We also have learned to tie the tree with fishing line to the wall to avoids at late night toppling over (this happened twice before we learned!)

Now all we need are the decorations, some christmas carols on the radio and hot chocolate on the stove!

What a wonderful life! How did you make out with your Christmas tree? I think everyone has fun stories to share and I would love to hear from you.

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