Twelve days of Christmas … Day 4

gingerdone2Sweet visions of sugar plums, or gingerbread! To continue with our Christmas traditions we make gingerbread houses with the kids. Not only is it a great activity but we also use them as decorations for the table too. The kids enjoy making the, ( and eating the candy) and I think they look great on our holiday table.

Now I cheat a little…. I buy the Pre-made gingerbread kits that are already baked and cut to size. This year we used the Wilton gingerbread house kit. They came with icing, a piping bag and tip, and a variety of candy for decorations. We bought two kits for the boys to make.

I put the houses together first with the icing and let them sit to dry and harden so when the boys were ready to decorate they were a little sturdier. This was definitely a good idea and I HIGHLY recommend doing this. It offset the breakage rate in years past.gingerpre

The candy was put int o separate containers so the boys could see the different colors, shapes and sizes that were available. I put the icing into the piping bag on a napkin and set them to work!

They had so much fun creating houses with all the decorations. It was great, we had Christmas music playing and we all were sitting around the table talking, laughing, decorating and stealing little bits of candy for ourselves! It was a an old fashion family fun night.

candyI also think the end project turned out beautiful. We put them on two cake plates and they currently grace our kitchen table. This was a great activity for the whole family. We really had a fun spending time together. These Wilton gingerbread house kits were well made and easy to use. There was plenty of icing and candy for our houses.

You should really try them out for yourself! Have fun and happy decorating!gingerdone2

Disclaimer: the opinions above are my own and I have not been compensated or am affiliated with the company mentioned above.

6 thoughts on “Twelve days of Christmas … Day 4

  1. I think we picked up the same exact gingerbread house, can’t wait to decorate it later this week! I’ll have to make ours the night before so the frosting can harden, thanks for the tip.

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