A little luxury in your mailbox

birch3Sweet treat delivered to your doorstep.
I have found a new guilty pleasure. It is a subscription service for Birchbox. For $10 a month (shipping included) a fabulous little package shows up in your mailbox. It is filled with beauty products (some sample size, some full size) and other wonderful goodies. Each month there are different products mailed to you. When you begin your subscription you fill out a small questionnaire about skin type, hair type, coloring, likes, etc.
birch4It is also beautifully  packaged. Birchbox takes the time and effort to package their shipment so that it is visually pleasing to the eye.
Plus for $10 a month what a great way to sample some new beauty products. If you like the products that are in your monthly birchbox, you can then order full size product.
Would make an amazing gift for that best girlie girl on your list.
I  look forward to my Birchbox each month, it’s like a little bit of luxury in your mailbox. And for $10 a month it’s a luxury you can afford.
Check them out at birchbox.com to see for yourself. Please note the items in the photos were from my November Birchbox shipment.
Disclaimer: the opinions above are my own honest opinions and they may differ from yours. I have not been compensated or affiliated with the company or product listed above.

2 thoughts on “A little luxury in your mailbox

  1. You know what – I haven’t signed up for many subscription services because the money adds up quickly, but $10/month is something I can get behind, although I’m not one for buying beauty products. Thanks for sharing though. I wish other companies would lower their monthly rates.

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