Twelve days of Christmas … Day one

houseAs I am decorating the house for Christmas, I am overwhelmed by the childhood memories that are flooding my brain. I don’t know if its just because I am getting older ( did I say that out loud?) or because I am continuing tradition from my family.

Today I started putting up the Christmas village. This set was my mothers. It is a Department 56 Dickens village with a few random pieces thrown in.house4

Now I could never duplicate they way my mom set up her village, but I could feel how much love she had for this tradition at Christmas time with every piece I took out of the box. She would spend hours getting everything just right.

Every night after it got dark outside, we would turn on the lights in the village.


I remember all of it. I can only hope one day that my children will continue with this tradition.

Do you have a Christmas village? What kind do you have and how many hours/days does it take you to set it up?



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