$1.00 hair bows, oh my!


Recently while I was looking around on Etsy.com I stumbled across a listing for $1.00 hair bows for my little girl.

Are you kidding??

The listing was for 12 three-inch hair bows for $12.00 (plus shipping) AND you can pick the colors you want? Crazy, I know. So I ordered my 12 hair bows from SweetBabyBluesShop and chose my fabulous colors from this incredibly long list of hues. I figured I would wait and see what showed up at my door.

They were AWESOME!! They were packaged so nicely wrapped in tissue paper. The colors were amazing. The clips were of good quality. And the bows were super cute!

This shop is a must-have on your list of go-to places for any little girl or big girl in your life. Check them out for yourself at SweetBabyBluesShop on Etsy.com.

Disclosure:The opinions expressed above are my own. I have not been compensated in any manner for my review.

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