ah…. nostalgia in a dessert


Who remembers rainbow Jell-O when they were a kid? I remember my mom making this dessert for every occasion from Thanksgiving to summer picnics. This was her go to item that everyone wanted her to bring.

I decided to give it a try and see if my kids liked it as much as I did.

While not overly difficult to make, somewhat time consuming to layer. Definitely don’t rush having each layer set or else they will merge together. The directions are really simple.

Choose the flavor/color combination (birthday party themes anyone??)and then alternate layers. One layer exactly how the directions on the Jell-O package call. Then one layer with sweetened condensed milk mixed in after half of the cold water as per the directions on the Jell-O package. I am sure there is probably an exact amount but I just eyeballed mine until I liked the color. **Make sure you add the sweetened condensed milk AFTER the cold water has cooled off the boiling Jell-O mix. (Trust me curdling will occur!!)

My mom used to make hers in a 13″ x 9″ Pyrex dish. I made mine in individual plastic cups. I thought it looked more festive!

Let me know how you make out? The kids will LOVE it, I promise.

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