clever, easy LEGO head inspired birthday cake

cakeclever, easy LEGO head inspired birthday cake

I love making birthday cakes for my kids. Not that I am a baker or professional cake decorator, but I’ve become kind of ok at making them. (After 12 years, one would hope you would get better at something!)

My son is a LEGO fanatic, we’ve run out of space for all his creations! Naturally he wanted a Lego cake this year for his birthday. I searched the internet for some ideas and loved how the cakes looked that people made with rolled fondant. They looked so clean and professional looking. I have never tried using fondant, honestly it scared me a bit, but I thought I would give it a try. I mean how bad could it be? I decided to make a Lego head cake.

Off to my favorite craft store I went. I purchase a package of Wilton Rolled Fondant (Pure white, ready to use) and a jar of Wilton Buttercup Yellow icing color.

I baked three 9″round cakes and let them cool completely. Then I tackled putting my Lego head together! First, I put one round cake on a cake plate and iced it. Then, I layered the second cake on top. Out of the third cake I cut out a smaller circle for the cake top . I iced on top of where the small cut out circle would go on the second cake and placed the final cake layer on top. Finally, I put a thin layer of icing all over the entire cake to seal in the crumbs.

Now time for the fondant… deep breath, here it goes.

Opening the fondant out of the package it felt a little like spongey clay. I warmed up the dough in my hands by squeezing and kneading it until it was in a workable consistency. Then I added a few dabs of the buttercup yellow icing color. Before kneading the color in, I put down some parchment paper because I did not want the coloring to stain the counter. Once the color was incorprated into the fondant I put down some confectioner’s sugar and rolled out the yellow fondant into a smooth round circle.

Holy cow! This is easy!

I rolled the fondant back over the rolling pin and laid it over the top of the cake. Pressing and smoothing the fondant with my clean hands from the top down. The package directions called for a “smoother”, but it worked just fine with my hands. Once the fondant was adhered I cut around the bottom of the cake plate with a knife.

I added a face with black gel icing and poof one Lego head birthday cake for my twelve year old birthday boy!

What do you think?

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of the products listed above, nor have I received any compensation for writing this post.

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