DIY upcycle …. redecorate on the cheap!

chairDIY upcycle… redocrate on the cheap!

What people throw away absolutely astonishes me. Not that I am a garbage picker or anything but when you are driving down the street and you see something out the curb with a FREE sign attached, you have to think about stopping.

So over the summer, we found these chairs on the side of the road and the lines and design were amazing! I could picture what they would look like redone in my head-gorgeous! These chairs were a little wobbly and had a velveteen (that’s what it’s called when it’s not real velvet, right?) with plastic covers. Yup, that is correct, plastic covers. The last time I saw plastic covering on furniture I was a little girl in my old Italian Aunts house. It brought back wonderful memories. So what would any frugal mommy and crafter do? Throw them in the back of the car for a little TLC, DIY upcycling! Love it!20131122-074720.jpg

My husband applied a little wood glue to make them sturdy and off to the craft store I went! I bought 2 cans of black matte finish spray paint, 2 yards of this awesome graphic fabric and some upholstery tacks. All for around $20. Awesome!

I spray painted the chairs and recovered the seats of the chair and what do you think was hiding under the dust and plastic of the FREE chairs on the side of the road? These beautiful chairs. I think they came out amazing!

See what you can do with items that you find, whether for free or at garage sales. Just look for clean lines and good bones. And then give it a try. Afterall, “one mans trash is another mans treasure”!

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