summer memories in mason jar


My Cape Cod memories

So what do you do with all the seashells that the kids collected over the summer? 

I’ll tell you what I did this year. Display them in a mason jar with a cute tag on where the shells were from! So simple and easy to do yet looks so shabby chic. Here are the simple steps I followed to create this souvenir:

  1.  Clean your shells from the beach. I left mine in a pail of water with a capful of bleach for 2 days outside. This cleaned out the shells and got rid of the stinky smell.
  2.  Next I laid them out on a flat surface to dry for a few days.
  3. I found a mason jar in the house and filled the jar with the shells.
  4. Then I covered the top with a piece of leftover fabric and wrapped some string around the lip of the jar.
  5. Finally I created a little tag where the shells were from with the year, and I attached to the jar.

I can not wait for next year and the years to come to add to our souvenir collection. How cute will these be all lined up over time? Memories to be cherished for years to come.

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